Five Things Friday 2014.08.29

Happy Friday! I’m just checking in with a very quick Five Things this morning because we are off to Riding Mountain! Head on over to Fitting It All In to check out some more Five Things!

Five Things I Ate

So much corn. We bought it at the farmers market and the dude gave us an extra one! We’ve been BBQing it, adding it to chilli, and microwaving it.

Steel cut oats for breakfast. I made a big pot at the beginning of the week for breakfasts!


Froyo topped with berries! Mr. A and I had a craving one night this week so we bought a tub and it’s half way done….oops!

Raw Carrot Cake Balls! (Plus more for camping!)


All the coffees. #lifeofagradstudent

Five Things Making Me Happy

A COMPLETED THESIS PROPOSAL. This will never get old…until my advisor comes back with 400 changes next week. Whatever, I’m enjoying the moment.

All the moving! Two friends are moving within walking distance from me this weekend #blockparty

Camping and hiking, and kayaking oh my! I love Clear Lake and I haven’t been in like 5 years. Looking forward to this weekend.

The brothers are out of Amazing Race Canada – they needed to go. AND Mickey and Pete in third again!? After that detour!? I absolutely love them. Something about their long flowing locks.

Sleeping in #enoughsaid

Five Awesome Reads

Hope you have an amazing long weekend! What are you up too?

We’re going Camping!

Before I get into anything else – I FINISHED MY MASTERS THESIS PROPOSAL! 4 months and 54 pages later. phew. Now it’s time for some celebrations…maybe a gin and Lacroix?


ANYWAYS…I can’t believe I convinced Mr. A to go camping again this summer. Frankly it didn’t take a lot of convincing, but I’m patting myself on the back regardless. This weekend we are off to one of Manitoba’s National Parks – Riding Mountain. It’s pretty much the only mountain in Manitoba, so naturally they made it a National Park. The campground is in the town of Wasagaming nestled right on Clear Lake – which is actually pretty clear.

We plan on doing ALL THE ACTIVITIES while we’re there including some hiking and kayaking. They have a million hiking/biking/and walking trails throughout the park and we’ve already scoped out which ones we want to hit up. At the lake you can also rent boats and kayaks as well as take a tour boat around the lake and we’re hoping to do some kayaking or canoeing.

It’s supposed to be frigid overnight so we bought sleeping bags last night – good until -3C -aka cold and Mr. A picked up some waterproofing spray for our tent and jackets in case it rains. #prepared  I feel like the couple on Portlandia who ‘gets all the gear’ for their hiking/camping/biking trip.

I’ve also prepped a bunch of food for the trip (of course..) Quinoa Granola Bars (made with brown and wild rice instead of quinoa), potatoes for hash browns, omelette bags, quinoa salad, and cut up/washed/bought a bunch of fruits and veggies for snacks. OH and I roasted a buttercup squash and it’s seeds. Delicious.

I look forward to taking lots of pictures and sharing my adventures with you!

Portlandia – like or dislike? Do you enjoy hiking? What are your favourite hiking snacks? 

WIAW: Getting Through a Crazy Week

I’m really bad at saying no to things. I’m also really bad at offering to do things when I don’t have a lot of time. As I mentioned last week I’m planning to have my Masters Thesis Proposal competed by Friday at noon. Thats great – 53 pages and I’m almost done, BUT Mr. A and I have planned a camping trip for this up coming weekend and I’ve agreed to make ALL THE FOOD for the weekend. So as you can imagine I’ve been very busy this week! During busy weeks I find that I forget to eat. It’s terrible because I love food, but it happens. To avoid this problem I try to stash snacks at my desk so that I have them to snack on through the day, unfortunately I missed that today – but oh well! Here’s a peak into the food that did manage to make it into my face on Monday!


IMG_2613Breakfast 630//Steel cut oats topped with sliced strawberries, blueberries, sunflower seeds, and pepitas + green smoothie

IMG_2614Lunch with coworkers 12pm//Vietnamese wrap with french fries and vegetarian gravy on the side [from Degrees]

This is how you know I’m having a stressful week – ALL THE FRIES

IMG_2615Busing home 330pm//Roasted chickpeas [yes that is a wool sweater - it was COLD]

IMG_2616Dinner 6pm//Homemade turkey burgers [by Mr.A - SO good], potatoes, grilled zucchini and eggplant, and cheese and pickles – why not!? 

IMG_2610Post Dinner Snack 730pm//Raw carrot cake ball [just one!]

IMG_2617Post Dinner Snack #2//Greek Froyo [some Good Eats with my Good Eats]

I hope you enjoyed a look into my eats. Head on over to Peas and Crayons for some more WIAW!


Whats your comfort food when you’re feeling stressed?

Folklorama: Cuba-Andean

I know this post is rather late, but I wanted to give a brief rundown of the second week of Folklorama (mostly so I can look back and see which ones we went too!). If you missed my Week 1 excursions, you can check them out here.

The second week was more productive on the Folklorama front. Because I left for America on Friday I missed 2 possible days of going, so I had to make up for it during the week! I only ended up making it to two pavilions, but that was 50% more than the pervious week AND we managed to go to a pavilion I had never been to before.

On Sunday I went to the Cuba va! pavilion with a couple friends. It was the very first day of week two and only the second or third show of the day. It was at the RBC Convention Centre which is a very large venue, but there weren’t that many people there.

IMG_2526The show was entertaining and they even brought in a dance troupe from Miami. More impressive was the food though. I friend and I shared the Cuban pork with salad and beans and rice and it was delicious! We also made sure to hit the bar and grab a mojito. Also fantastic.

IMG_2527Correction. It was probably the best mojito I’ve ever had. Probably because it was half sugar… but when in Cuba!

The second pavilion I went to that week was the Andean pavilion, and it new to Folklorama this year.  We went following dinner but I still managed to try a cheese empanada and mango pisco (a 40% liquor). Both were great. Mr A had the sour pisco and we were convinced it was just lemon juice and no booze. The show was awesome – some solid dancing and Mr. A and I even made friends with a lady visiting from Chicago on a bus tour (I think she had too much pisco, but she did give good advice about men).


Overall it was so much fun and Folklorama remains my second favourite holiday (with Christmas being number one of course).

Have you ever tried pisco? Are you a fan of mojitos?

Five Things Friday 2014.08.22

Happy Friday everyone! I wish I could say that it felt like the weekend but I’ll be working on my Thesis Proposal this weekend in hopes to finish it earlier than next Friday. I’ve been on a roll the last few days and I’m slowly making progress, while still maintaining the order of my 100+ references. Holy shnikes. Today’s Five Things will be a shorted version, because seriously I haven’t done much in the last week but work on this proposal. Big thanks to Clare for hosting, and I hope you all have a good weekend!

Five Things I Ate (In America..)

Because it’s more fun to talk about all the crazy food I ate in the states than the normal food I ate here…

Siggis Yogurt! I picked up some of this stuff when I was in America last weekend and it’s AMAZE. Come to Canada please?

Panera Bread! Delicious tomato soup with a mozzarella and tomato panini. So good.

Culver’s Frozen Custard. Only in America.

Mangoes in Fargo, ND – We ate quesadillas and huge margaritas and I was in heaven.

Qdoba – Vegetarian Burrito bowl of course – would I order anything less? Yeah, I would also order the queso and chips… + we have one where I live now so I can always get my fix! Wooo.

Five Things Making Me Happy

Another ultimate win + post game pizza, nachos, and beer. The season is over now – so happy I enjoyed it more this year!

Preparing for our next camping trip – we leave in 1 week! Aka the day my proposal is due. I’m looking forward to a vacation before my grad courses start.

When our building flooded last night, our apartment didn’t? Granted I had to endure a fire alarm going off for about 40 minutes, but at least there’s no water in our suite!

The chocolate cake I made with whipping cream and strawberries. #melissathebaker

An unexpected trip to Crampton’s yesterday! My mom and I went in the afternoon and I got to take home a couple peaches and salad cucumbers – which are all almost gone. Ooops.

Five Awesome Reads

Have a good weekend! I’ll be thinking of you while on PubMed.

What are you up to this weekend? What are your favourite school snacks?

WIAW: Recent Eats

Happy Wednesday! Life of a Grad Student has been getting me down lately and I haven’t had much time to spend on the blog or reading other blogs. I have exactly 10 days to finish the first draft of my thesis proposal and I’m just trying to get by while minimizing my stress and still maintaining a healthy routine. For this weeks WIAW I decided to give you a glimpse into some of my recent eats (and future eats – I’m looking at you chocolate cake). Hope you enjoy!

IMG_2555Wild blueberry whole wheat muffins.

IMG_2517Weekend veggie omelette – this one is courtesy of Mr A.

IMG_2539Hello pasta and homemade turkey/beef meatballs and sauce.

photoThe aforementioned chocolate cake that will be stuffed with strawberries and topped with whipping cream. Because I can. Someone please come over and share it with us!


What’ your favourite type of muffin? Do you have any goot eats lined up for later this week? - we’re also planning homemade burgers!

Farmers Market Finds

This past weekend I ventured out to the St. Norbert Farmers Market and Crampton’s with my mom and took home a HUGE haul. It’s August now, so its primetime for veggie harvesting and man was there a selection. I love walking around the farmers market because there’s so much to see and the veggies look fantastic. As a bonus there’s always this one lady who sells goats milk beauty products and she sits with a goat on her lap. Is this for real?

Often when I buy farmers market goodies they get lost in the fridge and I don’t end up finishing them, but this time will be different! Mr. A and I made a pact to not waste any of these precious finds and I’m happy to report that we didn’t. Here’s a run-down of what I picked up and what we did with it all!

BlueberriesAndFigsWild blueberries + Figs//Ate with 2% Fage yogurt (Picked it up while in the states!), for breakfast

IMG_2556Wild blueberry muffins

IMG_2506Rainbow Swiss Chard + Fingerling Potatoes//Sautéed the swiss chard and roasted the potatoes for dinner

 IMG_2547Baby Eggplant//Roasted with olive oil, garlic powder, and Italian herbs

IMG_2553Zucchini + Beets (Red and golden)//Grilled with garlic powder and Italian herbs + Grilled with Olive oil and Italian herbs (can you tell I like Italian herbs?)

Some unpictured goodies included:

Corn//Grilled in husk for dinner

Carrots// Made their way into homemade chicken soup and pasta sauce

Green Beans//Homemade chicken soup

We only ended up with a few random beans left over, so I’m gonna go ahead and say we were successful in eating everything! Woo!

Did you go to the Farmers Market this week? What are your favourite Farmer’s Market finds? Do you prefer eggplant or zucchini?

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