WIAW: Writers Block

You guys. How has it been a week since I wrote anything?

It’s not like I haven’t had the time, I’ve just chose to spend it doing other things. Things such as:

Making homemade turkey stock. I’m trying to clean out some of the goodies I’ve tucked away in my freezer, this included a whole turkey carcass. #foodhoarder 

Turkey StockMaking Christmas gifts! Yes, actually making. Pulling out all my crafting skills this years. No pictures because it’s a secret. Shh!

Eating burrito bowls at Burrito Del Rio. Is there any other way to eat a burrito?

Burrito BowlMaking gingerbread men and gingerbread related treats. The recipe was a pretty big flop and I was too ashamed to take any pictures, I’m also ashamed to admit that half the (crumbly) dough is still in my fridge. I did make some awesome mini gingerbread cheesecakes out of it though.

Eating pickled turnip at Best Pizza & Donair.

Pickled Turnip

Just kidding – the guy thought I wanted two plates full when really I didn’t want any. I ate the falafel instead, and it was amaze. (But not as amaze as Mr A’s shawarma plate, drool.)


Celebrating Taco Tuesday at BMC Market. Ok, they we’re quesadillas, but they were also the best Mexican food in Winnipeg.

BMC Market

Here’s hoping that once the holiday season is over I can find some inspiration from all of this food to actually write something legit about it!


How do you over come writers block? Shawarma or donair (or falafel)? Burrito in a bowl or a tortilla?

WIAW: One year ago

It’s WIAW time!

This week I decided to take a peak at what I was eating a year ago, both for memory sake and maybe for some food inspiration.

One year ago seems like a while when I look back at the pictures of what I was doing/what I was eating, but really it wasn’t that long ago. Let me paint a picture…

  • I was living in an apartment with a room mate, and mostly cooking for myself
  • I was just finishing up my 2nd last semester of my undergrad degree (lots of award applications, volunteering, and studying)
  • I was preparing for a trip to Toronto to spend Christmas with Mr. A’s family.
  • I had already developed my love for all things hemp and oat.
  • I also ate a lot less meat because of $$, my lack of desire to cook it, and my vegetarian room mate.

With that said, lets take a look at what I was eating!

Soooo many eggs on toast. … I’m still drinking coffee out of those tiny mugs though.

Eggs on ToastHoliday Cookies in the form of Glazed Ginger cookies

Gazed Ginger Cookiesand shortbread (of course..)

ShortbreadI also ate a lot of this stirfry: Glass noodles + tofu + veggies. We made it with the kids at our after school nutrition program. There was a lot of resistance, but we manages to get 3 new foods into their bowls and bellies.

stirfryThere was a lot of soup in ramekins going on. Basically anything that could be eaten from a ramekin, was. I have a love affair with those tiny dishes.

Cauliflower Soup

Not so much (directly) food related, but I was rocking some molecular biology at work. #PCRQueen

molecular biologyWhere were you at one year ago? Have you changed a lot since then? Who else loves eggs on toast!?


Farm to School Manitoba

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to help support a local school through one of their food fundraisers. This however was no ordinary food based school fundraiser.

There was no chocolate, or cookie dough or pizza.

There was cabbage, and potatoes, and carrots!

Yes you read that right. Farm to School Manitoba is a school fundraiser put on by the Manitoba Association of Home Economists and Peak of the Market that brings fresh produce to families in Manitoba.

Farm to School

Farm to School works like any other fundraiser. You can purchase a produce pack, and each gets you an assortment of Manitoba grown produce. The schools get to set the price on the bags for their fundraiser, and I purchased mine for $20.

Here’s a peak inside my bag. We received cabbage, carrots (3lb), parsnips (2lb), potatoes (10lb), and onions (5lb) (and all for only $20!!).

Farm to School

This program is a fantastic way to promote healthy eating in the community and still generate revenue for schools. They also have an option to have your produce pack donated to the local food bank. Not only does this program bring produce into the community, it’s all local produce!

Make sure to check out their website for more information!

Does your community have a program like this? What should I do with all this cabbage!?

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists, however I purchased (and ate!) the produce shown above ($20 Produce Pack). All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday Favourites + Weekly Reads

Happy Friday! Who’s excited for the weekend?

I am! I am!

I have some awesome things planned for this weekend including (hopefully) finding our long, lost Christmas decorations, a cake date, and making Christmas cards!

First thing’s first is to get through Friday though. I have an important meeting about my study, but then it’s the Christmas Party in the afternoon. ;)

Lets run through some of my favourites from the week shall we?

Ok, first (and most importantly) Pitch Perfect is on Netflix. I’ve already re-watched twice and I look forward to watching it over, and over again. While on the topic of Netflix I’m also looking forward to Love Actually, Serendipity, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. What are your favourite Christmas related movies?

The 2.5km walk to work. Yes, I’m delusional. I do like the exercise though and I feel really accomplished when I finally do get there. But damn it was cold this week.

All bundled up


barre3. I’ve been rocking some killer online workouts from barre3. So killer in fact that they made washing my hair next to impossible the next day. #allaboutthetriceps

Our Christmas tree is up! Granted it’s missing half the decorations, but some are better than none AND it has two strands of lights to make up for it. Nothing under it though, hmmmm.

Christmas Tree


One more: honey + peanut butter on toast. Enough said.

Weekly Reads

What are you up too this weekend? Did anyone else watch Peter Pan on TV last night!?

WIAW: Birthday Celebrations!

Last week was full of birthday celebrations for Mr A and you better believe it was also filled with delicious food. In true birthday fashion we celebrated this one over one week, and it started with a delightful brunch.

This weekend we went to SMITH for dinner and it was amazing. I didn’t take any pictures of the food (shocker) because it was so good I couldn’t waste time taking pictures. We had tomato confit + fresh mozzarella and basil on house bread and some cocktails to start. Mr A had the beast of the day aka steak and I had the catch of the day, arctic char. We also ordered a wild rice gratin and crispy kale with bacon and onion. drool.

Can you see why I didn’t take any pictures!?

I also made a guitar cake that was supposed to look like Mr A’s guitar Belinda. It was chocolate and I made three different colours of buttercream darkened with coffee to get the right colouring. It absolutely could have looked better, but for my first major cake I’m calling it a major success.

Guitar Cake

I also did a little Christmas/birthday baking and made whipped shortbread! I didn’t think they would turn out because I made them with an electric hand mixer and not a standing mixer, but they turned out pretty good. I will be making them again! and butter tarts, and pecan pie, and more rice krispies…

ShortbreadI did a little celebrating, too. Mr A broke my tea pot a while back and I finally convinced him to buy me a new one! It’s Bodum and adorable. It’s like a french press, but for tea. Ps how much do you love my bowl of pears and poinsettia in the background?

Bodum Tea PotThanks for dropping by and if you’d like to see some more awesome eats, head over to visit Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

WIAWHave you ever made an epic birthday cake? What’s your favourite type of cookie?

My Favourite Foods: Black Beans


Black beans are a great pantry staple. I usually keep no-salt added, canned varieties in my pantry however I’ve been dabbling more into the dried versions because they are SO MUCH CHEAPER (and for some reason our grocery store is always out of the canned).

It’s nice to have both because if you need them right now, dried black beans aren’t your friend.

Black beans are also a nutritional powerhouse. Not only are they full of iron, but they have a lot of fibre and there has been a lot of recent research looking at some promising benefits of black bean seed coats on cholesterol metabolism (Chavez-Santoscoy, 2014Chavez-Santoscoy 2014).

Dried Black Beans

There are two ways I like to prepare them:

Soak them over night. I usually allow them to soak for 12 hours and most of that is in the fridge because I’m terrified of getting a food borne illness. The beans still need to be cooked after this, so you can add them to chilli if you plan on cooking it for a while, or you can boil them in some water until soft and then use them in your dish.

Power boil. This is my way of using dried beans right. now. Put them in a pot and literally boil the crap out of them for about an hour. The only problem with this method is I find the skins come off. This method is great for soups/stews/chilli’s because you can’t tell the beans are beaten up.

Black beans are great in:

- Tacos – you can use beans, sautéed with onion and taco seasonings + rice or you can do half meat, half beans to stretch that meat budget

- Quinoa Salad

- Chilli

- Veggie Burgers

- Soup

What are your favourite uses for black beans? Are black beans a staple in your pantry?


November Recap

Happy December!

I have a love/hate relationship with December. On one hand it’s fantastic that we get to listen to Christmas music and eat all the shortbread, BUT it’s just the beginning of a long and painful winter season. Only 4.5 months till the snow melts!

SundogNovember was a wild month, and I’m very happy it’s over. The only things standing between me and enjoying December are a final in statistics and an assignment + short presentation for my trace elements and minerals class.

So what did I get up too this month? Well…

I ate a lot and then I talked about it:

I talked cooking methods and some tips for kitchen survival:

I obviously ate some more:

I also became a member of the Food Bloggers of Canada!



What are you looking forward to in December?