WIAW: School Eats

Happy Wednesday! Do I have a treat for you today – I remembered to capture ALL of my eats yesterday. Go me! Quite an impressive feat considering the day I had….3 classes across 2 campuses plus a trip to the research centre and an exam! Phew. Let’s get on to the eats…

Microwave Oatmeal715am// Perfect Microwave Oatmeal + Coffee

Tofu Salad Wrap1130am//Tofu Salad Wrap – I forgot my lunch (but remembered all 14 of my snacks..go figure) and had to buy something from the restaurant on campus

Peach130pm//Peach during class break

Blueberry Muffin245pm//Blueberry muffin between classes

Spicy Pumpkin Soup445pm//Spicy Pumpkin Soup from my thermos!! – best purchase

Chia Bread Chai Tea515pm// Super Power Chia Bread + Chai Tea before my Stats exam

Moose Droppings645pm//A couple Moose Droppings aka chocolate covered almonds when I got home

Kamut Pasta715pm// Kamut pasta + homemade meatball and sauce

Apple Pie830pm//The last piece of my homemade apple pie. One word: amazing

It’s a good thing I learned there was a study that showed several small meals throughout the day have a beneficial effect on cholesterol production, insulin levels, and GIP, because boy do I eat often! If this wasn’t enough eating for you, head over to Peas and Crayons for some more WIAW goodness!


Do you make homemade pie? What do you like to snack on during the day? Do you eat small frequent meals during the day?

September Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

It’s my favourite time of the month – Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day! I skipped out on last months Pen Pal match because I was really busy working on my masters thesis proposal, but I’m back this month and I had an awesome pen pal! What to know more about what I’m talking about? Head on over to The Lean Green Bean to check it out.

My foodie pen pal Tiffany contacted me right away and after finding out what each of us likes/dislikes we set off to create our boxes for each other! I was beyond excited when my box arrived and it conveniently on a day when I had come home from a long day – it was the best thing to come home too. But what was inside…?

Dark ChocolateLindt Sea Salt and 70% Cacao Chocolate// Hello chocolate – two bars of amazing Lindt chocolate. I’ve never tried the sea salt kind but I’m 100% sure Mr. A and I will LOVE it. 

Lime Saffron PistachiosLime Saffron Pistachios//Don’t worry guys I already tried these and they’re perfect!

Davids Tea Davids Tea Pink Lemonade Rooibos// I looove tea and lemonade and I’m so excited to try this one. 

MangoRicePopsAlmond Rice Pops//Tiffany’s son picked this one out for me! I plan to take it for a snack at school this week

ClubHouseSeasoningGarlic Lime Chicken Fajita Recipe Card – I was so excited when I saw this because I’ve always wanted to try them out. Tiffany was kind enough to also include a recipe that she uses when she cooks with these spices!

That’s everything! I’m super excited about everything my pen pal sent me, and I can’t wait to try out some of the things I haven’t gotten around to yet. My pen pal Tiffany doesn’t have a blog, but she wanted to write a bit about the items I sent her! Take it away Tiffany…

My name is Tiffany, I don’t have a blog but luckily Melissa was happy to have me do a guest post on hers about our Foodie Pen Pal exchange!

This is my second time participating in the program. I had so much fun putting together a little something for someone else to enjoy and getting a surprise package as well that I decided to sign up again. I’m so glad I did as Melissa sent me a great package!

FoodiePenPalA photo of Melissa’s package to me :)

Hemp hearts:
I was most excited to try these in well, “anything and everything” as she suggested! I’ve never had them and was super happy to see them in the package since I’ve been wanting to try them out. I must say they are quite delish all on their own. They taste nutty but not overpoweringly so as I had thought they might be, which is great!

Lindt milk chocolate:
Lindt really does make thee best chocolate! Chocolate is such a perfect classic pick me up treat that I will surely be enjoying square by heavenly square!

Earl grey tea:
I must admit that I am not so fond of this type of tea. I’ve always found it to taste a bit odd almost like the flavour of fruit loops but yet still a black tea. However off putting to me I am always up to trying something new and I have not yet tried this brand so I will do my best to give it a go with an open mind. Especially because Melissa said it was her fav!

Sierra trail mix:
What’s not to love about trail mix? Such a simple yummy snack. My son and I enjoyed some while watching a movie together for a healthy night time snack!

Black and white kettlecorn:
Oh my goodness I have very little will power when it comes to popcorn as I just love it in all it’s many varieties! Which is why I am so glad that I put a bit into a bowl instead of eating out of the bag as I certainly would have devoured the entire bag! Every bite was a deliciously perfect indulgent treat!

As you can see Melissa did a great job picking items for me! Here’s hoping she enjoyed my picks for her as much as I did hers to me :D

If you haven’t had a chance to sign-up for Foodie Pen Pals I strongly encourage it! Have an awesome Wednesday and Happy October!

September Recap

September Recap

September was a busy month for me! The whole changing seasons thing really supercharged me and I got A LOT done. What about you? For the first time ever (because I actually had enough posts!) I compiled some of my most awesome posts from this month into a September Recap! I hope you find something new and exciting! Enjoy!

This September…

I talked about my favourite foods…

I ranted and raved…

I ate a lot…(and celebrated 100 posts!)

There’s so much more to come including some Foodie Pen Pals, a nose dive into learning to cook like an Italian, and Thanksgiving eats!

What was your favourite part about September? What are you looking forward to in October?

Clean Eating is Not Real

Warning: Unpopular Opinion Ahead!


I have a few pet peeves in life:

1. People who walk slowly and in large groups in the mall

2. When people use the term ‘clean eating’

By the title of the blog post you’ve probably figured out that we’re not talking about slow mall walkers today, sorry!

Nothing drives me more crazy than when people use #cleaneating #cleaneats #eatingclean etc etc.. because clean eating is not a thing. Let me explain…

If clean eating was a thing then that would mean dirty eating was also a thing, implying there are good foods aka clean and bad foods aka dirty. If you’re implying there are inherently good and bad foods, which there aren’t* then you also have to accept that some people will feel guilt if they were to say.. eat a chocolate bar – because that’s not clean!

That’s not cool with me. You should NEVER let the consumption of food make you feel guilty. Food is fuel. Food is a part of celebrations, and culture, and tradition. Food is a part of being social in our society. Food should not be a tool for guilt.

If you want to share with the world that you’re eating real, unprocessed foods, then say it! Don’t hide behind a term that can have negative connotations.

The term clean eating is a marketing tool that was created to sell books and nutrition consulting and this is why I refuse to participate in clean eating hashtags/blog topics.

…well I mean except this one.

* I like to say there are better foods i.e. an apple is better than a chocolate bar, but sometimes you need the chocolate bar #balance

Here are some people who agree with this:

Evidence Mag


JCD Fitness


What do you think? Will you be ditching the clean eating hashtags?

Hello Fall!

I can’t believe we’re 1 week shy from October, where did the summer go? Heck, where did September go?

Well we can dwell on the past, or we can talk fall. Fall? Ok perfect…


I’ve always loved the beginning of fall – the turning of the leaves, the fog, the squash, turning the AC off – it always makes me feel like I should be setting goals and preparing (hibernating) for winter. There are so many things that feel extra right when fall rolls around, the obvious being all the pumpkin, but my personal favourite are apples. At this time of year they taste so much better and are 10x cheaper  – I look forward to eating all the apples (Macs!) that I can get my hands on.

With winter quickly approaching around this neck of the woods it’s important that I take advantage of all of this fall goodness while I can. We typically have snowfall here before Halloween so unfortunately we have a short, but sweet fall. With that said, here are a few things I’m looking forward to this fall!

  • Seeing Rah Rah in concert!
  • Morning walks
  • Planning our first Thanksgiving in our home
  • Apples that are in season (and so much cheaper!)
  • …and making Apple Crisp with them!
  • Having a great Halloween costume + and all the associated treats
  • Planning and Preparing for Mr. A’s birthday
  • Trips to the Farmers Market to get ALL THE SQUASH
  • Roasting pumpkins and making my own pumpkin puree
  • Baking pies (apple, lemon, blueberry, you name it)
  • Hopefully planning a winter vacation (fingers crossed!)
  • Putting the fall/winter comforter back on the bed
  • Lighting scented candles while cuddled on the couch

What are you looking forward to this fall? What’s your favourite type of apple?

Friday Favourites + Weekly Reads

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week, I know I did! It was a much more low key week than last but I was also very productive which was an added bonus!

I’ve decided to change things up on Friday’s – ok, it’s not THAT much of a change, but I’m going to stop showing the 5 things I ate. I feel it’s a little redundant considering Wednesday’s I give you a big look into what I’m eating, why should I repeat it again on Friday? INSTEAD I’m going to continue with Favourites aka Things Making Me Happy and some weekly reads – and I’m not limiting myself to a number! Let me know what you think!

We’ve been having some amazing weather this week. Hot, like so hot when I sat in the sun I needed to remove all the layers. It’s really just a tease because it will be snowing by the end of the month, but I’m going to enjoy it regardless.

Finally hit up Market Burger this week! It was really good! Mr A had a mac and cheese burger and I had some sliders – mac and cheese, peanut butter bacon (amaze), and the Desi which was made with Pakistani spiced meat and cilantro. We also ordered frings – aka half fries half onion rings – best idea ever.

IMG_2740Look at me already showing you the food I ate this week. Apparently I don’t like change.

I received my Foodie Pen Pal package last night!! I can’t wait to share it with you – it’s GOOD.

As I mentioned before my productivity was off the hook this week! Mac Book + Oatmeal have been getting me through (and copious amounts of coffee). All good things. Ps. That’s The Healthy Maven’s Slow Cooker Apple Pie Steel-Cut Oatmeal – go make it now.

IMG_2754I’m looking forward to so many things this weekend: the farmers market, nuit blanche (if we can make it!), and some amazing fall weather. Maybe a few surprises, who knows?

Don’t miss these weekly reads:

The Pharmacist Who Refuses to Sell Soft Drinks via Weighty Matters

What a great example of allied health. Pharmacists, doctors, dieticians, nurses, PT, OT, etc all need to be involved with informing patients about health issues. It should not be up to the dietician alone to send out messages about how bad soft drinks are for you.

What to do when you have a “Bad Body Day” via Choosing Raw

Great read – something many of us can relate with.

Heart & Stroke Foundation’s New Sugar Guidelines via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Great breakdown on what you need to know about the H&S Foundations new guidelines – highlights include terminology and government/industry recommendations. Worth a read if you’re interested in policy on added sugars.

10 Lies Health Food Stores Told Me to Make Sales via The Big Man’s World

One word…Fantastic!

Hi! I’m making you later today! via running with spoons

Salted Carmel Cookie Dough Smoothie. Come again? How could this possibly be bad?

What are you up to this weekend? More importantly, what are you MAKING this weekend?

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A Letter to my Younger Self


Dear Me,

You have A LOT to learn about food. Now I’ll admit you got off to a better-than-most start, you learned the basics of food preparation from family and Home Ec and you know the basics of healthy eating – aka you know how to eat your vegetables. There are a few things I want you to keep in mind as you navigate your way through life and food:

  • Sidekicks are not the epitome of good food, neither are $1 frozen dinners. Just because they were taboo food when you were little doesn’t mean you need to binge on them now that you can.
  • Eating bags of kettle corn and whole pizzas, while delicious, are not conducive to good health (conducive means making an outcome likely/probably…don’t worry, you’ll learn that word later).
  • You are lucky to have a huge garden and you are lucky to have such awesome pickles available 24/7. Take advantage of that stuff while you can because believe it or not it won’t last forever.
  • Enjoy all the homemade sausage that Opa makes because when he’s gone, so is the sausage. Savour it, I beg of you.
  • Also enjoy the strawberry jam/toasted oat/butter cream cake that Oma makes because she won’t make it as often (I promise you I will learn how to make it!)
  • Enjoy the homemade fruit leather that was experimented with in the dehydrator – you’ll miss the dehydrator
  • Always eat all of the stroganoff dad makes because again, once you move out these things stop being made for you
  • As much as it sucks not having fruit roll ups/gushers/etc you’re health is probably better for it, so suck it up and eat the Fruit To Go’s and raisins.

Little do you know that you’ll end up in the field of food and nutrition (you really did like Home Ec, it really should have been a dead giveaway). You’re also going to become a scientist! That one is a little harder to believe considering the agony that intro chem was. Believe me, working in a lab is much different than chemistry labs/high school chemistry.

Finally, You will find a bf who loves food as much (or even more) than you do, just wait for it. You’ll make homemade bread and pizza and pasta together. It will be amazing. If I can give you one last piece of advice it would be to never take advantage of anything that crosses your path because you never know what you have now until it’s no longer constant in your life.