WIAW: Recent Eats

Happy Wednesday! Life of a Grad Student has been getting me down lately and I haven’t had much time to spend on the blog or reading other blogs. I have exactly 10 days to finish the first draft of my thesis proposal and I’m just trying to get by while minimizing my stress and¬†still maintaining a healthy routine. For this weeks WIAW I decided to give you a glimpse into some of my recent eats (and future eats – I’m looking at you chocolate cake). Hope you enjoy!

IMG_2555Wild blueberry whole wheat muffins.

IMG_2517Weekend veggie omelette – this one is courtesy of Mr A.

IMG_2539Hello pasta and homemade turkey/beef meatballs and sauce.

photoThe aforementioned chocolate cake that will be stuffed with strawberries and topped with whipping cream. Because I can. Someone please come over and share it with us!


What’ your favourite type of muffin? Do you have any goot eats lined up for later this week? - we’re also planning homemade burgers!

Farmers Market Finds

This past weekend I ventured out to the¬†St. Norbert Farmers Market¬†and Crampton’s with my mom and took home a HUGE haul. It’s August now, so its primetime for veggie harvesting and man was there a selection. I love walking around the farmers market because there’s so much to see¬†and the veggies look fantastic. As a bonus there’s always this one lady who sells goats milk beauty products and she sits with a goat on her lap. Is this for real?

Often when I buy farmers market goodies they get lost in the fridge and I don’t end up finishing them, but this time will be different! Mr. A and I made a pact to not waste any of these precious finds and I’m happy to report that we didn’t. Here’s a run-down of what I picked up and what we did with it all!

BlueberriesAndFigsWild blueberries + Figs//Ate with 2% Fage yogurt (Picked it up while in the states!), for breakfast

IMG_2556Wild blueberry muffins

IMG_2506Rainbow Swiss Chard + Fingerling Potatoes//Sautéed the swiss chard and roasted the potatoes for dinner

 IMG_2547Baby Eggplant//Roasted with olive oil, garlic powder, and Italian herbs

IMG_2553Zucchini + Beets (Red and golden)//Grilled with garlic powder and Italian herbs + Grilled with Olive oil and Italian herbs (can you tell I like Italian herbs?)

Some unpictured goodies included:

Corn//Grilled in husk for dinner

Carrots// Made their way into homemade chicken soup and pasta sauce

Green Beans//Homemade chicken soup

We only ended up with a few random beans left over, so I’m gonna go ahead and say we were successful in eating everything! Woo!

Did you go to the Farmers Market this week? What are your favourite Farmer’s Market finds? Do you prefer eggplant or zucchini?

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Five Things Friday 08.15.2014

Happy Friday ya’ll! Later today I will be on my way to the great state of North Dakota for some shopping and general galavanting with the ladies. Wow…ya’ll and galavanting in the first two sentences, go me. If you haven’t already checked out what I plan on bringing home, you can here. Since Fargo is only about three hours away, we will be leaving after work – and the count town is on! Thanks to Clare for hosting 5 Things Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!!


Five Things I Ate

I ate so well this week that just choosing 5 was really hard, but here goes…

ALL THE MUFFINS РI made strawberry muffins (via Mairlyn Smith cookbook, pictured) and wild blueberry (via Lean Green Bean) this week and they were both amazing.



Chobani yogurt cups – I only brought home TWELVE from the states last time, but they finally ran out today. Mr. A and I loooove yogurt.

All the farmers market goodies [stay tuned for a post laying out what I picked up last weekend and what we made with it all!]

Overnight oats in a peanut butter jar! I’ve been wanting to try this one so bad and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend it.


Avocado on toast! I splurged this week and picked up three perfect avocados and I’ve been eating them sliced on toast with salt and pepper


Five Things Making Me Happy

A clean fridge!? The Kitchn Cure made me clean my fridge, and I thank them for it.

I went for a run, and it actually felt good! Granted it was 2miles, but I haven’t really been running since my shin splints episode, and I was just happy I wasn’t in pain.

Speaking of episode…re-watching Arrested Development on Netflix has been making me super happy. So many quotable moments. I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it…

Booking a vacation for September long! While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a vacation, we are getting out of the city and that’s what I’m most excited about.

Throwing away (recycling) all of my notes from university (it’s about time, I know..). I feel like I have less stuff now and it’s great (+ they’re all still on my computer).

Five Awesome Reads

Hope you have a great weekend!

What are your weekend plans? Have you been to the farmers market lately? What are your favourite shows to watch on Netflix?

WIAW: Breakfasts

Happy Hump Day! For this weeks WIAW I decided to do something a bit different and show off some my favourite breakfast foods. I tried to include some easy weekday meals as well as more elaborate/time-consuming weekend meals. I had great intentions to show off my favourite pancake recipe from the Joy of Cooking, however I lack good pictures of them! You will have to wait till I make them again! On with the eats..

IMG_1122Steel cut oats topped with homemade apricot jam, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hemp hearts.


IMG_2536Perfect Microwave Oatmeal topped with wild blueberries, hemp hearts, chia seeds, pepitas, and sunflower seeds.

IMG_1369Toast topped with an egg and salsa with a side of coffee and homework!

IMG_1609Peanut Butter Jelly French Toast - perfect for Sunday Brunch.


IMG_1897Baked eggs with mushrooms, spinach and topped with salsa.

This week I was all about the Perfect Microwave Oatmeal with assorted toppings. It’s my go-to in the morning because it only takes 5 minutes to make! I highly recommend it.

What are your favourite breakfasts? Do you prefer eggs or oatmeal?

Do you have any breakfast suggestions that I should try? Share a link!

While in America …

I’m headed out for a girls shopping trip to Fargo, ND (yes, the place from the movie) this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! Despite Fargo being a pretty small city, a lot of Canadian tourists head there to stock up on things we can’t get at home and I’m convinced we’ve grown their local economy ten fold. They also have a DSW (unrelated: and a Panera Bread!!) and I’m in the market for some new boots.

Due to my love affair with food I always stock up on my favourite kitchen staples when I’m in America. Not only are food prices generally lower, they also have an overall larger¬†selection or foods. Here are a few things I will be bringing home with me!

IMG_2131Justin’s// I have the maple one at home already but I think its about time I pick up some vanilla too. Sunbutter//My new obsession. I picked up another jar¬†2 weeks ago when I was in North Dakota, but I know I will fly threw what I have at home. We do have Sunbutter in Canada¬†but I usually buy it in Fargo because it’s made there!

photo copyLa Croix// My most favourite sparkling water. We do have some flavours at Target in Canada, but I haven’t seen the new limited edition summer flavours here yet, and I want to try apricot!

ChobaniChobani//Dairy products are actually so cheap in America and I look forward to bringing home some Chobani + Oats as well as some other yogurts! [I bring a cooler bag to keep everything nice and cool on the drive home!]

Gin// Maybe some Hendricks form Happy Harry’s. Liquor is actually so cheap too, and Mr. A and I are looking to beef up our liquor cabinet (if only I was buying Beefeater #pun). We can only bring back a certain amount that we don’t have to pay duty on, and I plan on bringing¬†the limit¬†home.

Do you grocery shop when you visit other countries? Do you buy any of these awesome things when you’re visiting¬†the USA?

Folklorama – Ireland-Irish

Folklorama is a 2 week long celebration of culture in Winnipeg, and this year they’re celebrating their 45th anniversary! The idea is: around the city a number of different pavilions are put on (usually by the cultural group associated with a¬†country), and you can go around to each, watch a show, try the food, and check out a cultural display. It only costs six bucks for admission, and you get to see an awesome¬†show, which is usually cultural dancing, singing, and music – depending on the country you visit. Its pretty much my favourite part about summer.

Week one wrapped up Saturday night and Mr. A and I managed to check out the Ireland-Irish Pavilion. When we arrived we immediately checked out the cultural display and it was full of all things Irish, including Celtic knots, a few musicians playing Irish music, another bar (of course), and other misc. Irish things like a women knitting a cable knit sweater.

After the cultural¬†display we headed upstairs to grab some food. We settled on Cottage Pie, aka¬†shepherds pie, and two desserts – an Irish Cream Cake and and Apple Cobbler. We didn’t take a trip to the bar, although it was very well stocked with plenty of Irish booze. We had a chance to eat before the show started and man was the food delicious, we should have came on an empty stomach so we could have tried more like the Irish stew and soda bread. It was a really¬†nice atmosphere because a band was playing traditional Irish music while we ate. This was something I hadn’t seen before, usually the pavilions save all of the entertainment for during the show.

IMG_2510Cottage Pie//We may have eaten most of it before we snapped a pic

IMG_2511Irish Cream Cake and Apple Cobbler

The show began with traditional Irish dancing and most of the dancers were younger girls from a local Irish-dance school. They were so good – I probably can’t¬†kick half that¬†high. They also had an Irish bag-pipe band that played a few songs, and they ended with a rock band from Dublin. They were flippin’ amazing. I wish it would have been more socially acceptable to dance because I totally would have.

IMG_2514Check out their outfits!

I had such an awesome time and I’m happy that I got to check out at least one pavilion during the first week. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more this week!

Does your city have any events like Folklorama? 

Five Things Friday 08.08.2014

Is it really Friday already? Four day weeks really make time fly. This week was all about getting back into a routine (and dealing with a corneal abrasion – not fun). I am very much looking forward to the weekend because of all the awesome things I have planned! I hope you guys have some solid weekend plans too! I’m sending a big shout out to Clare for hosting Five Things Friday, now let’s get onto the things.


Five Things I Ate

Perfect Microwave Oatmeal – It was my go-to this week, I love it because it takes 3minutes to make and you can throw what ever toppings you want on it. This week I experimented with strawberries, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.


Rotisserie chicken – Coming home from camping late on Monday we decided to pick up a chicken on the way home. Between the two of us it lasted about 6 meals. Not bad for 9 dollars.

Froyo! I went to Tutti Fruit with a friend and got some delicious Soy Peanut Butter Froyo. It was amaze topped with cookie dough and fruit.

Pasta. I think I ate pasta every day this week – either for lunch or dinner. It made for easy meals when me and Mr. A were too lazy/busy/tired to cook.

Burrito bowl from Qdoba  in Grand Forks on our way home from Red Lake Falls. We stopped for groceries at Super Target and lunch, and I dragged Mr. A here because it was so delicious the last time I went and he NEEDED to try it.

Five Things Making Me Happy

Folklorama started this week and I’m going tonight! Wooo!

Amazing weather. Summer just started and now everyone is talking about the fall and going back to school. What the heyy.

New external hard drive should arrive today and along with it the Joyous Health book. Why order one thing from amazon when you can order two?

Another ultimate win, followed by pizza and beer. Ooops.

My thesis proposal is coming a long really nicely. Page number hasn’t increased but content has gotten better. Getting closer to a first¬†draft. On the bright side I could tell you about almost any oxylipin from any fatty acid. Ok, go!

Five Great Reads