Five Things Friday 2014.09.12

I ALLLLMOST didn’t write one of these today just because I have about a billion things to do, but I received some VERY exciting news I wanted to share. I didn’t post it on Mango About Town (MAT), but I’m headed off to North Dakota again tonight after work for a girls shopping trip. I’ve been preparing for that and also studying for the grad courses I’m taking AND the most important… working on getting ready for my clinical trial which will be starting soon because I have ethics approval!! aka the exciting news

I’m supper excited that it’s Friday, but I may have to do some work over the weekend (sorry girls!). But don’t worry there will still be plenty of cheap American wine to be had!

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Five Things I Ate

Homemade Buttercup Squash and Corn bisque. I added so. much. black pepper. but it tasted delicious.

A cinnamon bun from the freezer from the Whitehouse Bakery – It was cream cheese. Drool.

Pasta with homemade pasta sauce with turkey, mushrooms, and spinach – this was a good one (made by Mr A of course) – I had a picture but it was just the most blurry thing I’ve ever seen. I saved your eyes. You’re welcome.

ALL THE EGGPLANT. We grilled some for dinner and lunches and I also bought two at the Downtown Farmers Market and made Baba Ganouj (Ganoush?). So amazing and garlicy.

Trudy’s pickles! I always purchase veggies from her when I go to the market in St Norbert and I was so happy to see her set up at the Downtown Market too. Her pickles are the BEST – not overly dilly, but full of flavour. #knowyourfarmer

Five Things Making Me Happy

I’ll get the obvious ones out of the way… Ethics Approval! Which basically means I can start recruiting participants and get on with my life.

Girls trip to the states! I look forward to wine and hot tubs and LOFT at 40% off. Need some new office outfits (see above)

This level of preparedness – look at all that food! I was not hungry that day despite being in class for nearly 8 hours straight. Ps check out the colour on that buttercup squash bisque.

IMG_2694Mmm my sister sending me pictures of her puppy. Gracie gets a shoutout! GAH look at that face.

IMG_2685Mr A makin’ me my lunches when I can’t do it myself because I’m in night class. We take lunches very seriously. I said it once, I’ll say it again, he’s a gem.

Five Awesome Reads

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? What was the best thing you made this week? 

WIAW: My 100th Blog Post!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Wow did yesterday knock the socks off me. I had classes from noon till 8pm across two different campuses. As you can imagine it was difficult for me to capture everything I ate during that time because I basically shoved whatever I could find into my mouth, whenever I had a second. This included but was not limited to…Tim Hortons bagel, banana oat pb muffin, pasta and turkey sauce, yogurt, fresh mozzarella, butterCUP squash and corn bisque (homemade of course), and scoops of cookie butter straight from the jar while I was watching the Amazing Race Canada when I got home.

It was truly a romantic gesture when Mr A was literally waiting at the door when I got home at nearly 8:30pm with a big beautiful mug of chamomile tea. He is a gem.

With that said I decided for my 100th blog post I wanted to share some of my favourite food memories that I have with Mr A because he’s always been such a big supporter of Mango About Town AND because we’ve made some pretty great food memories together.

Here they are in no particular order, I hope you enjoy!

Our first Valentines Day when he made Arctic Charr and Risotto and we ate at a table he set up in his basement with the fireplace channel roaring beside us.

Coming home from Toronto New Years Day (hungover), to make baked pasta (yes, there is bacon in there).


Homemade ravioli (and sauce, of course). So amazing.


The time he made me stuffed eggplant at my Dad’s place in the country. Even brought all the ingredients with him, then expected me to eat a whole (stuffed) eggplant.

Every time we make an awesome breakfast together, but especially the times that include bacon or pancakes


The ONE homemade lasagne we’ve made. Probably should make one of those again…

Wine in the hotel room in San Francisco, because no good food memory exists without wine, and there was PLENTY of it in San Fran, and also a lot of bad food reactions…but that’s a story for another day. Ps. check out that Blackberry!


The time I made him apple cinnamon buns at 11pm while he slept on the couch.

IMG_0278Our most recent endeavour was a grilled pizza on the BBQ – with fresh mozzarella, figs, and arugula. The best thing I’ve eaten ever. Period.


The Berkshire Pork at Fude. I have no idea what I ate that day, but I do know Mr A won’t eat pork at a restaurant anymore because he knows it won’t be as good as that stuff.

One time Mr. A baked me blueberry muffins when I was off to a conference in London, Ontario. I had to include this because the number of times this guy has baked can be counted on one hand.

IMG_0156The gingerbread village we made with his family last Christmas! We’re basically artists.

IMG_1471I hope you enjoyed the small collection of food memories I shared with you today; there were so many memories to choose from so it was really hard to keep this post at an acceptable length! I hope Mr. A and I continue to make many more food memories in our kitchen, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you!


What are your most favourite food memories? What’s the best thing you’ve ever made to eat?


Healthy Movie Snacks


There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch in the comfort of your own home watching a movie, especially now that it’s getting a little cooler outside. I also include a blanket, candle, and a mug of tea in that equation, but that’s just me. In addition to all of these great things I also require a snack. Because I always snack.

Here are a few of my all-time favourite healthy movie watching snacks. You should try them (ALL) out – you won’t regret it.

1. Homemade air pop popcorn – I received a super cute retro air pop machine when I moved out and I love it! Not only is it easy to use, but it’s really fun to make your own popcorn. You can eat the popcorn plain or add on some melted butter and salt to your liking. The best part is you can control how much of the good stuff you add (yes, butter is the good stuff).

2.Veggie or Fruit chips – I’m talking homemade apple chips or kale chips, because they are my fav. There’s something magical about homemade apple chips with a sprinkling of cinnamon on them. Mmm, I’m drooling just thinking about it. The veggie or fruit chips will satisfy your needs if your go-to movie snack is usually chips because they have a bit of a crunch. Kale chips are of course on the savoury side, if you’re into that sort of thing.

3. Roasted chickpeas – These are another great CRUNCHY snack for watching movies. Albeit loud, they are delicious and filling which always prevents me from scrounging through the cupboards for snacks halfway through the movie. You can make them at home or purchase them – Costco has this great brand, The Good Bean I think? Just delicious.

4. Froyo topped with berries – So many movie theatres now serve froyo and it got me thinking – I can do that at home! We buy plain vanilla greek froyo and top with fresh blueberries and strawberries. You can use any fruit of your liking or sub out the froyo for plain greek yogurt.

5. 70% dark chocolate – This is Mr. A’s favourite. He likes to have a couple pieces off the bar while movie watching (usually in combination with yogurt). It satisfies the sweet tooth without being too sweet, especially if you’re watching a movie right before bed – aka the worst time to have a sugar rush. This is also a treat I’ll bring into a movie in my purse! Shhh!

What are your favourite movie watching snacks? Have you made apple chips at home?

My Favourite Foods: Hemp Hearts


Hemp hearts are one of my favourite foods. Not only are they grown in Manitoba, but they are wicked awesome for you and very versatile. I purchase my Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts in the 800g bag from Costco and I store them in the fridge to keep them fresh for longer. They also have a high fat content so keeping them in the fridge helps them from going rancid too quickly.

Here are some of my favourite stats on these babies:

High in protein. 10g per 30g serving, whaaaat!?
Great omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and high ALA content
Solid amounts of iron, manganese, magnesium, and folate.

With all of these awesome things in mind, here are a few of my favourite ways to use hemp hearts.

Throw them on anything. 

I toss these guys on top of all kinds of oatmeal, including steel cut oats and overnight oats, and on top of salads for an added nutrient bonus.

My most recent concoction was about 2/3 of a cup of steel cut oats warmed up in the microwave, or freshly made, topped with 1tbsp hemp hearts, 1/2tsp chia seeds, 1tsp pepitas, 1tsp sunflower seeds, sliced banana, and a handful of raspberries.


Throw them in anything.

Because of their mild flavour, you can add hemp hearts to almost anything without them being detected, but you still get their awesome nutrient punch. I love adding them to chilli (a couple tablespoons) and smoothies (small handful). I would imagine you could also add them to soups but I’m not sure if they would float or not!

Cook and Bake with them.

These guys are a great star ingredient and can be used to make energy balls and also hemp tabouli.

Hemp seeds are an awesome nutrient dense + versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen and they definitely have a solid home in mine! If you haven’t tried them out yet I encourage you to, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!


Have you used hemp hearts before? What are your favourite ways to use hemp hearts?

Five Things Friday 2014.09.05

Happy Friday! Another week has blown by and back-to-school season has arrived. I officially started classes on Thursday but it only lasted 30min (instead of three hours – woo!). Otherwise this week was pretty relaxing, Mr. A was away for work so I was able to lounge around the apartment and not clean up my messes (shhhh!). This weekend will be filled with brunch, an ultimate wind-up party, and possibly homemade pizza! Hope you have a great weekend and if you’d like to see more Five Things, head over to Fitting it all in!


Five Things I Ate

Coffee before my night class – Pike Place ftw


Pancakes with blueberry sauce! Check the Instagram feed for a pic of that one. Delicious.

Taco salads – everyone has been showing off their taco salads on their blogs so I had to make one too!

Herbal tea – I’ve been drinking green, chamomile, and earl grey this week.

Annie’s Whole Wheat White Cheddar Shells – when Mr. A is away, Mango eats mac and cheese.

Five Things I Love

Really lovin’ the Netflix lately – Archer, Portlandia, and Arrested Development

Grocery shopping at a place I used to shop at back when I lived in my last apartment. Its a smaller shop but their produce is awesome, and they have awesome prices. They even have a butcher in house!

While I wasn’t loving the rain, I was loving the sweet cloud pictures I snapped. It immediately POURED after this one was taken.

IMG_2670Going through all unread posts on my Feedly! I’m going to try really hard to keep up with all the new posts the bloggers I follow publish!

Morning runs with my awesome wool head band #coolestkidaround

Five Awesome Reads

What are your favourite shows on Netflix? How do you keep up with reading blog posts?

Thinking out Loud: The Day Mango Goes Back to School

I haven’t missed school, and I’m not happy to be going back. Now I know you’re going to say “you’ve been in school all summer, what the hayyy are you talking about missy?” Ok first, don’t call me missy and second – during the summer I wasn’t actually taking any classes. My masters is thesis based and I only have about 6 courses to take (most of them lasting about a month an a half) the rest is research and data analysis.


Lucky for me I have a twice-weekly class this semester that runs for the WHOLE semester. And it’s a night class. And location-wise it’s not in the best part of town. And it has a final exam (wth?). AND it’s statistics. Ugh.

I’m not sure it could get any worse.

It can but I’m not going to get into it, it will only bring down my sweet green smoothie high.

Now that I’ve laid out my frustrations I’m going to get over them. I will…take time to actually enjoy graduate level classes (and no finals – except for stats. boo stats boo), enjoy being on a different campus two nights a week, enjoy the weeknights I do have off, PVR Amazing Race Canada so I can stay caught up, and make some killer snacks to take to class with me.

I will leave you with a super sweet photo of me from the day I graduated from my undergraduate degree in front of our building, aka the most ancient building on campus.



Also it’s POURING here right now – solid day for back to school, amiright?

Are you headed back to school? Do you have any tips to help me survive night classes?



WIAW: Camping Eats

This past weekend we were off to Riding Mountain National Park for some long weekend camping and activities. The weather was alright, but VERY cold at night. Good thing we bought sleeping bags.

I had prepared A LOT of food in advance, but we didn’t end up eating a lot of it due to a variety of reasons.  It’s ok because we ate like kings (and queens) the whole weekend – the food did not disappoint.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to taking pictures of everything – unserviced camping is a real burden on iPhone batteries.

Lets get on with the eats!

IMG_2623Some of the food I had prepared in advance: Quinoa Breakfast Bars, Raw Carrot Cake Balls, Turkey Chilli, shredded potatoes for hash browns, omelette bags. 

IMG_2626Matching McDonalds Iced Coffees for the drive

IMG_2638Fettuccine with Shrimp from TR McKoys – believe it or not, that’s an after picture

IMG_2641Coffee and Almond Biscotti on Saturday Morning

IMG_2650Amazing breakfast at the Whitehouse Bakery – plus we took home a dozen cinnamon buns

IMG_2652My awesome new coffee mug – bears on bears on bears

Check out some more WIAW over at Peas and Crayons


Do you go camping? What are your favourite souvenirs to pick up when you travel?