Best of June 2015

Best of June 2015

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian friends! I hope you are all enjoying your day off. Mr A and I are headed out to the Whiteshell for some camping for a couple days before he wisks away on a business trip.

Things were predictably slow around the blogosphere during the month of June. When summer starts it gets harder and harder to pin myself down to the computer and draft up a lovely post about avocados or chia seeds. Please forgive me!

Here’s a little look behind the scenes at what I’ve been up too this month!

On the Blog

I talked about some things I learned while actively commuting. I really love my morning walks to work – Winnipeg is so beautiful in the morning.

I recapped my time at the CNS Conference that was held in Winnipeg this year.

We talked Spring Bucket List – and I fessed up to not completing all of what I intended to do.

While on the topic of bucket lists, I created my Summer Food Bucket List and drooled the entire time I was making it.

The Manitoba Marathon happened and I ran in the relay!

Off the Blog

I celebrated my birthday! I hope to share all the birthday fun with you on Friday.

Mr A and I travelled to Montreal to visit family and eat all the food.

I’ve been doing lots of hot yoga and playing lots of ultimate frisbee.

Out in the Interwebs

I wrote a guest post for the Home & Family blog on 5 Reasons You Should Actively Commute

Let’s ChatAnyone headed out camping this weekend? 

Manitoba Marathon Finish

Manitoba Marathon 2015

This space isn’t typically filled with me writing about running, working out, or physical activity, but I wanted to document our marathon relaying adventure from this year’s Manitoba Marathon!

The Manitoba Marathon Relay is divided into 5 approximately even-ish legs to total the whole 26.2 miles. I’m not really a runner (major shin splints in the past) so I chose to run the shortest leg – approx. 7km – with very minimal training.

My leg started at about 8:30am and it was a hot morning. I was at my spot early to make sure I didn’t miss the hand off. It was fun watching the race and relay leaders blast through my exchange zone while I waited for my teammate to make her way.Pre Race PhotoOnce I started running it was pretty good, but it did start the run a little stiff. After the first km or so I got into a pretty good pace with no pain. A good chunk of my leg was a straight section of road with no shade making it a really, really hot run. The sponges, sprinklers, and water stands couldn’t come fast enough.

When I made my way to the next exchange zone I felt really good and I could have probably kept running, which was shocking to me! I was really pumped up from all the people cheering us on that I actually ran extra fast at the end (check out that last 0.16 miles).Map My Run ResultsAfter my leg I met up with another team member and we shuttled down to the finish line to watch Mr A bring home the gold and a sub 4hr race time. Not bad for a bunch of non-runners.Manitoba Marathon FinishOverall it was a really great race and an awesome day but I totally felt it for the next week. Perhaps next time I take on something like this I should actually train for it (and maybe I’ll even take a further distance)!

Let’s chatHave you ever ran in a marathon relay? How do you encourage yourself to take on longer distances?

Montreal Sights and Eats

A few weeks ago Mr A and I jetted off to Montreal, Quebec to visit family. It was a very short, productive, and entertaining trip and I can’t wait to go back and experience the city again.


We arrived Thursday afternoon and immediately made our way to a restaurant to eat. After that we checked into our hotel The Château Champlain Marriott Downtown. We were on the 5th floor and had a lovely view of the park across the street and the aptly named ‘mountain’ of Montreal.

Downtown Montreal

After a pit stop at Fairmount Bagels (a Montreal staple) and a lovely dinner with family we made our way to Sir Winston Churchill Pub, which was one of the places Mr A’s dad used to frequent when he was living in Montreal during his college years. It was an interesting place and we managed to have an – only found in QC beer while we were there.

Molson Export AleFriday

Friday morning started with out first Metro ride out to the Plateau to visit the Frank and Oak store. We were famished from all the walking and shopping so we inquired about a good lunch place in the vicinity. The salesperson suggested the Cardinal Tea Room which was just around the corner so we decided to check it out.  The place was fantastic. We started on the terrace upstairs but it started to rain and we moved inside. Mr A had a smoked trout sandwich and I had cheddar + Branston pickles, I even picked up some tea to take home.

Cardinal Tea RoomWe checked out this place called Sami Fruits and they have ALL THE FRUIT (and vegetables). I took some time to pose awkwardly with a cabbage and all the intsta friends thought I was expecting. Thanks baggy shirt, awkward angle, slouch, and all the food in my belly. PS check out these dates!

DatesFriday evening was one to remember, we had a smoked meat dinner (a Montreal staple) with pastries for dessert followed by a pizza dinner with pastries for dessert.  Italians really like to eat (see above).

In the evening we went out with a friend who is a grad student at McGill and we hit up Pub Sir Joseph and Le Saint-Bock followed by some 3am poutine (another Montreal staple at La Banquise). Yes, those are hot dogs on top #winning

La BanquiseSaturday

Once we dragged ourselves out of bed we managed to hit St Catherine’s Street for some shopping followed by a very short trip to Old Montreal and the Notre Dame Basilica. We got cleaned up and then hit the Casino de Montreal for Dinner to celebrate Grandpa A’s 93rd birthday!


We made the most of our last morning in Montreal by making a second mandatory stop at Fairmount Bagels, taking a scenic tour up the mountain, and having one last brunch with the family.

Fairmount Bagels It was a bittersweet way to end the trip but I was happy we made the most of every minute

Let’s chatHave you ever been to Montreal? Where do I need to eat when I return?

Summer Food Bucket List

This post was inspired by Eventbrite, a global marketplace for events. You can also create and promote your own events on Eventbrite ( for those of us in Canada!).

Can you believe it’s OFFICIALLY summer? Here in Manitoba we actually have to wait till the summer solstice (aka first day of summer) for it to actually be summer. Even so, last week we were rocking some 5C mornings. yikes.

One of my favourite parts about summer is the festivals and Manitoba is bustling with tonnes of amazing festivals, all filled with oodles of food options. So in the spirit of summer and list making I’ve put together a list of all the amazing Manitoba summer festivals I want to attend + the foods I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

 Summer Food Festival Bucket List

Food Truck Alley at The Forks
Food Truck Alley is running all summer at The Forks. It’s exactly what it sounds like, about 10 food trucks all set up outside of The Forks Market. I’m so close to The Forks and I would love to walk over on my lunch break to check it out. I’m most intrigued by Iggy’s Family Doener, The Bannock Factory, and Pimp My Rice.
Hands down my favourite summer festival – I try to attend every year! My favourite food always comes from the German, Cuban, or any of the South American Pavilions. I can’t wait to have spatzle and papusas!
Folklorama 2014Morden Corn and Apple Festival
I’ve been dying to get to the corn and apple festival! What could be better than corn and apples? This year’s festival runs from August 21-23 AND they have free free corn on the cob and apple cider. How fantastic.


Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival

The CNUF is held in Dauphin, Manitoba and puts on a number of different events including dance performances, culinary food demonstrations, and a Ukrainian Marketplace. This is the place to be for all things borsch, garlic sausage, and pyroghy.

Islendingadagurinn – Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

Try and say that 10x fast. The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba is held in Gimli, Manitoba from July 31-August 3 and they have SO MANY events to take part in. I’m particularly excited for vinatarta (thin layered cake) from Amma’s Kitchen.Gimli Viking

If you’re interested in learning about other popular festivals and food and drink trends you should check out this study that was done by Eventbrite. Fun Fact: Breakfast and Brunch Events took the number three spot (they’re number one in my heart).

Let’s chat! – What food festivals are you looking forward to this summer? Are there some great food festivals I’m missing on my list?

Spring Bucket List Recap

A few months ago I wrangled up a Spring Bucket List – a list of things I wanted to get done during the spring months. Seeing as today is the first day of summer I thought we should take a look back to see how I did!

Spring Bucket List1. Join a CSA. This one happened a little quicker than expected, but we’re all signed up and will start to receive our amazing goodies in July! Thanks, Food Ethos Farm!

2. Train and run in the Manitoba Marathon Relay. This is today, wish me luck!!

3. Grow herbs on the balcony. I grew them on the window sill and by them I mean just basil and green onions. I tried.

4. Get some art up on our walls. Total fail but I did get Mr A and I tickets to paint night, so hopefully we have something soon!

5. Stay-cation at Inn at the Forks. It was so relaxing!

6. Get some fresh flowers for the table. Lilies! One of my favourites.

7. Spring clean the apartment. Didn’t really happen beyond normal cleaning. I did purge some clothing and odds and ends from the junk baskets though.

8. Spring clean the storage unit. Didn’t happen. In fact, now it’s filled to the brim with stinky hockey clothes.

9. Use up some of the older (non-expired) ingredients around the house to make room for the new. Brown rice flour, homemade buttercup squash gnocchi from the freezer, kamut. phew

10. Enjoy different types of fitness activities (Hip hop classes, Ultimate Frisbee, Spring bike rides). No bike rides for me yet, but I also started frequenting hot yoga!

Let’s chat! – What did you accomplish this spring? Did you sign up for a CSA?

Friday Favourites + Weekly Reads

I’ve been rather quiet around the blog these days, and I kind of like it. In Winnipeg we get about 3 weeks of summer so I’ve been trying to really soak up all the good-ness. Today’s Friday Favourites post is a mash-up of a few weeks, I swear I’ve had best intentions to post it!

I’ve you want to follow along with what I’ve been up too you can follow me on Instagram and you can check out my upcoming Montreal recap!!


Ultimate wins! Despite ridiculous cross winds and dimpled fields we’ve managed to pull (ha!) a few wins.

Mr A’s freedom! He’s been studying since JANUARY for an exam and is now a free bird. We’ve be adjusting to this whole having to talk to each other and share kitchen space thing when we get home from work and it’s been going very well.

My new Coal & Canary candle <3 Now I must go glamping.

Coal and CanaryBeing a tourist in my own town. We took the river boat a few weeks ago and it was so cool!

Winnipeg River TourShopping for bachelorette party goodies. So much (adult) fun.

Montreal! What an amazing city.


Rhubarb Compote + strawberries + oatmeal. Who knew that something with such a pretentious name could be so easy to make?

Stella’s Osborne – Tomato, Pesto, and havarti sandwich; a staple in my life.

Grilled Eggplant – seriously, my favourite vegetable cooked my favourite way.

Veggie burger at Osborne Village Cafe – absolutely fantastic food.

Osborne Village Cafe

All the Montreal Eats – including the bagels, of which I’m eating as I type this.


I’m linking up this week with Clare and Heather for some more Friday shenanigans.

Canadian Nutrition Society Annual Conference 2015

I promised a CNS recap, and here it is!  To break it down for you CNS (Canadian Nutrition Society) is comprised of mostly academics, but also graduate students, dieticians and physicians. All people who have a vested interest in new and emerging nutrition research. They have an annual conference, and this year’s was held in Winnipeg!

This years conference was divided into three sessions that I attended: 1. Pre-conference workshop aimed for graduate students and professional development, 2. The actual conference itself, and 3. a post-conference lipids workshop. All three parts had events from morning to night and I’ll share about about them below.

Trainees in Nutrition Symposium (TiNS)

I was on the organizing committee for this one day symposium and we planned a day filled with professional development speakers (entrepreneurship, leadership, social media, and networking).

TiNS Outline

My favourite speaker was Roxi Beck from The Center For Food Integrity. They are a great organization based out of the US with a Canadian counterpart soon to open. Her talk was fantastic and I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with her in a networking session about her career and the CFI.

I learned a lot about networking and becoming an entrepreneur – both of which I have little to no experience with!

CNS Conference

We kicked off the CNS conference on the evening of the TiNS with an opening reception at the Journey to Churchill exhibit at The Assiniboine Park Zoo. The exhibit was breathtaking. How many times in your life will you have a 1400lb polar bear swimming above your head casually eating some fish? Well, maybe a few if you live in Winnipeg (come visit!).

Journey to ChurchillPoor lighting, but LOOK A POLAR BEAR!Journey to Churchill

The conference was really great – 2 full days of speakers, so I won’t recount every moment with you. I attended several sessions: Gut Microbiome and Connection to Disease, Establishing a Health Claim for Pulses, New Advances in Satiety Mechanisms, Saturated Fat and Connection to Disease…the list goes on.

The one that event that stood out above all was the nutrigenomics session where Timothy Caulfield was one of the speakers. I fan girl-ed hard and asked one of my professors to introduce me to him. A group of us chatted so long we missed lunch. It’s really too bad I didn’t get a picture with him, but I did get a shout out on twitter. It’s almost the same.

Caulfield CNS

The graduate students also put together a Taste of Manitoba Social at the Manitoba Children’s Museum the first night of the CNS Conference. It was a fantastic time filled with Manitoba foods (and beers) and awkward scavenger hunt photos with academics. It’s a shame none of them ended up on my phone!

Post-Conference Lipids Workshop

The Lipids Workshop was geared towards those of us working in the wonderful world of lipids and was a great event that brought together academics and students from the Pembina Valley (aka Manitoba and North Dakota – UND and USDA) for collaboration.

Lipids WorkshopThis workshop was very biochemistry based but there were still some snippets of information that was relevant to me and my project (it’s on omega-3’s). I unfortunately didn’t have any data to present at the workshop but one of my Principal Investigators shared a snippet of my project with the crowd.

Masters ProjectThis was my first major scientific conference and I must say it was EXHAUSTING. I skipped out on 2 dinner/evening events and I was still major tired the whole time. I really don’t know how these academics do it! I’m going to need a lot more practice if I hope to attend more of these in the future!

Let’s chatHave you ever been to a scientific conference? All my fellow Canadian RD’s the DC conference is in Winnipeg next year, let me know if you’ll be swinging by this neck of the woods!