What is a Professional Home Economist?

What is a Profesional Home Economist

Many of you many not know I’m in the process of becoming a Professional Home Economist aka PHEc in the province of Manitoba with the Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE). Before you can become a PHEc, you must meet certain criteria as well as complete a mentoring program, of which I’ve almost completed! While you’re working your way through these tasks you are an Interim Professional Home Economist or IPHE.

Today we’re going to chat about what a PHEc is, how you can become a PHEc, and why you should become a PHEc.

What is a PHEc?

The PHEc title is regulated under provincial law in the province of Manitoba as well as in several other provinces (not sure about the states). These individuals are self-regulated and adhere to an established code of professional conduct.  PHEc’s can practice in a number of different areas in both private and public sectors and in the fields of nutrition, family social sciences, and textiles. Our main goal is to help better the health of families in community.

More information.

How do I become a PHEc?

To become a PHEc in Manitoba you have to have graduated from a university program that falls under one of the realms of Home Economics/Human Ecology (textiles, family social science, or nutrition). As of last year, this included anyone graduating from the Faculty of Human Ecology at the University of Manitoba, but as of current it means anyone in the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences, the general Human Ecology program, the Department of Family Social Sciences, or the Textiles Program*.

If you meet this criteria you can begin the IPHE and connect with a mentor through MAHE.

*The Faculty of Human Ecology is currently being dismantled at the University of Manitoba, which makes things a little more complicated.

Why should I become a PHEc?

Not only is the price right (many other professional organizations have much higher membership fees) but there are many more of fantastic reasons to become a PHEc:

1. To be a member of a professional organization and regulated under law. This gives you credibility out in the real world as well you’ll be a part of a group of like-minded individuals with similar educational training as you.

2. Volunteering and job opportunities. The professional association does a great job of keeping members up to date with both volunteer and job opportunities that come up locally, nationally, as well as internationally.

3. Networking events. MAHE puts on a number of events throughout the year that gives it’s members a chance to meet, learn, and talk to one another.

4. To make yourself stand out. – Many qualified individuals choose to become a PHEc on top of their current designations (RD’s, MSc’s, ect). Becoming a PHEc will set you apart in a flooded job market.

If you’re interested in learning more feel free to contact me and I can try to answer some of your questions, or check out the websites for some of the other PHEc professional organizations from across the country.

AHEA – Alberta Home Economics Association

MAHE – Manitoba Association of Home Economists

OHEA – Ontario Home Economists Association

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored in anyway to write this post. I am a member of MAHE, and I see my membership as having a huge amount of value so I wanted to share the information with all of you! 

Friday Favourites + Weekly Reads

Happy Friday!

I’m so happy we’ve had amazing weather the last few days (minus the Interstellar-esque dust storm on Wednesday, wth was that about!?). There’s supposed to be some snow in the future (gasp!) so I hope to get outside for a run this weekend to enjoy the warm before it disappears again!

As always, I’m linking up with Heather and Clare to share in some Friday fun!


I totally meal planned this week (that never happens..) and we enjoyed some pretty delicious meals including: lemon dill salmon, Oh She Glows Favourite Veggie Burger (from the cookbook), and a completely brown meal made up of roasted eggplant, potatoes, and chicken.

Oh She Glows Veggie Burgers

One of the best bowls of tomato soup ever from Mona Lisa. It was absolutely massive and absolutely incredible.

Lemon Torte from La Grotta to celebrate my Oma’s 70th birthday!

Lemon Torte

ALL THE CUPCAKES at a bridal shower. #noshame

Bridal Shower Cupcakes


The Jets made the play offs! They play Anaheim for game one Thursday night (aka when I’m writing this), so I’m hoping for a win boo, no win. It just baffles me that California has 3 NHL teams.

There are leaves on the trees! I literally smiled when I first saw them, then I got instantly excited for all the delicious spring veggies that I’m going to eat.

Officially signed up for Ultimate Frisbee and the Manitoba Marathon Relay. Check, check off my Spring Bucket List.

I’m all signed up to go to the Canadian Nutrition Society Conference that’s being held in May in Winnipeg! Some solid speakers are lined up and in true Manitoba fashion the graduate students will be holding a SOCIAL at the Children’s Museum, yes you read that right.

Watching Mr A make his acting debut at Celebrations Dinner Theatre. The lucky guy got pulled up for some audience participation and had a dance with one of the characters.

Weekly Reads

I’m so behind on my blog reading but here are some of my favourites from the past few weeks!

Let’s Chat!Are you a runny yolk person? If so, HOW!? Are you following NHL playoffs?

Friday Favourites + Weekly Reads

Can I just say fast weeks are faaaaantastic! They’re even better when they’re mega productive. Hope you all had an awesome week and that you have some awesome things lined up for the weekend!

Let’s skip the rest of the pre-post chit chat and head right into my favourites from the week. As always, I’m checking in with Clare and Heather to share some Friday goodness.


Having a minute to breathe (and blog)! After an insane few weeks things are finally slowing down. I had my last class this week, family has all gone home, and things are beginning to return to normal. I really should knock on wood because I’m sure in a few days minutes things will get wild again.

Starting my wine tasting/making course on edX. It’s hosted by the University of Adelaide and we’re learning all there is to know about wine. The first assignment was a wine tasting, I could get used to this.

Hip Hop class – Now the whole world knows I attempt to hip hop and booty pop. No really, the class is called booty poppin’ hip hop. At least I’m working my way though my Spring Bucket List!

Winning a national scholarship <3 Hard work pays off.

RUSTY! – The volunteer dog who visits the hospital when he’s not too busy watching sports. Love him.


Getty Stewart’s red cabbage in a bowl with pasta and sausage. drooool.

Strawberry Galette

Strawberry Galette

Homemade turkey soup. Making the most out of my leftovers.


Easter chocolate! I made a very terribly thrown together “centrepiece” for our table. The eggs were actually dyed using purple cabbage, but I accidentally left them out overnight deeming them unacceptable to eat #fail

Chocolate Centerpiece

Weekly Reads

Let’s chatWho else is a huge fan of galettes!? If you had to characterize this blog, what would it be?

What I Ate Wednesday


I hope you all were able to have some time off this week/last week and that you were able to spend it with the ones that you love. I know I did, and I ate piles and piles of delicious food <3.

I understand that I haven’t been giving this space as much attention as it deserves. If I had all the time in the world I would be on here every day talking about food: what to eat, how to eat it, why you should eat it, the list goes on…

Instead, today I’m here to talk about what I’ve been eating, which may or may not be better for you. It’s no surprise that I like talking about what I eat because of my passionate romance with food (as seen most recently here, here, and here). So I may as well keep on keepin’ on.

Let’s get on with the show:

Protein Breakfast PancakeBreakfast//Protein Pancake with lots of maple syrup.

Snack PlateMorning Snack//Snack plate with cucumbers, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes + unpictured fig bar

Stella's Pesto Tomato and Havarti SandwichLunch//Stella’s Pesto, Tomato, & Havarti Sandwich with a Spinach Salad

Openfaced SandiwchSnack//Minimalist Baker’s Dinner Roll topped with cheese and baby tomatoes + unpictured Ferrero Rocher easter egg

Easter Dinner LeftoversDinner//Easter dinner leftovers: Cannelloni, roasted eggplant and peppers, bean salad + unpictured seconds (and thirds, and fourths..) and a beer

PanettoneDessert// Panettone and unpictured assorted pastries from DeLuca’s

Just looking at those photos makes me full. If you’re not quite satisfied be sure to head over to see Jen at Peas and Crayons for some more WIAW fun.


Let’s chatHow many days in a row do you eat leftovers from a big meal? Do you like panettone? Have you ever tried it?

Spring Bucket List

The ice is finally melting on the river and I’m ready to rock spring 2015! In true Melissa style I devised a list of some things I want to accomplish this spring.

I like spring because it feels like a fresh start and really makes me want to dive head first into all the wonderful spring produce (microgreens, fiddleheads, asparagus, berries!). It always comes back to food which is why several of my bucket list items DO have something to do with food.

Some things never change.

Spring Bucket List1. Join a CSA. This one happened a little quicker than expected, but we’re all signed up and will start to receive our amazing goodies in June! Thanks, Food Ethos Farm!

2. Train and run in the Manitoba Marathon Relay.

3. Grow herbs on the balcony.

4. Get some art up on our walls.

5. Stay-cation at Inn at the Forks.

6. Get some fresh flowers for the table.

7. Spring clean the apartment.

8. Spring clean the storage unit.

9. Use up some of the older (non-expired) ingredients around the house to make room for the new.

10. Enjoy different types of fitness activities (Hip hop classes, Ultimate Frisbee, Spring bike rides).

Let’s chat!What’s on your spring bucket list?

Weekend Snapshots

Hello, Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I’m sorry I missed out on Friday but I’ve seriously had an insane time with work/school/life. I needed a nice relaxing weekend (full of food) to lift my spirits – and boy did it work.

Friday after work was spent at dinner with family. Mr A’s parents are visiting from out of town so we shared a meal (and PIE) with them and then proceeded to head straight to the mall in search of a birthday present for his mom.

Saturday morning we brunched at Pineridge Hollow and it was fantastic! It was great to get out of the city, dine on cinnamon buns as appetizers, and brunch.

Pineridge HollowAfter brunch I spent the afternoon water colour painting and listening to records. I learned A) that it’s very hard to water colour and B) I’m no good at it. It was really fun though, and just what I needed. I made a few pieces to frame for our apartment and a birthday card for Mr A’s mom.

WatercolorSaturday dinner was at Tres Visi Cafe, and it was absolutely amazing. I had the Pollo Paulina with fettuccine alfredo (and the left overs for breakfast the next day ;) ).

Tres Visi CafeDessert was at Desert Sinsations. Also incredibly delicious. I (obviously) had the Shmoo Torte, because whipping cream calls to me.

Dessert SinsationsWe had a lazy Sunday spent with family, laundry, and watching Ferrari FINALLY win a Formula One race. Ahem..anyways.

I hope you all had a great weekend and an awesome short week!

I’m linking up with Her Heartland Soul for Weekend Snapshots

Let’s chat! Any expert watercolour-ists out there, and can you share your secrets? Anyone else watch Formula One?

Friday Favourites + Weekly Reads

It’s time for another instalment of my Friday Favourites!

I hope you all had a great week, mine has been just nuts! I’m spending Friday morning at Ag in the City and while I’m not at my booth reppin’ my study, I’ll be out buying bread from Tall Grass Prairie (Mr A, you can expect several loves when you arrive home).

With that said, I’m wishing you all a fantastic weekend and I hope you enjoy this week’s favourites!


My first taste of spring 2015 asparagus.

Spring AsparagusBroccoli Mushroom Cheddar Quiche + assorted mini quiches because the filling didn’t all fit in the pie shell.

Broccoli Mushroom Cheddar QuicheA Pie for Pi Day + a box of white wine. We know how to celebrate the most epic Pi Day of all time.

A Pie for Pi DayDonair from Best Pizza and Donair (ps their name is 110% accurate).

Best Pizza and DonairICYMI–> WIAW from this week


Impromptu Northern Lights adventures. They were WILD on Wednesday night.

Tim Hortons donut and coffee x 2 win. Looks like I’m on a roll (says the person who will never win at roll up the rim ever again).

A new dresser!

New Dresser

Thirsty Thursdays with Shiraz and school friends <3

My orchid is finally growing a new stem! This means a new flower is on its way. So happy I haven’t killed it yet…

Weekly Reads

Today I’m linking up with Clare and Heather. Make sure to send some love their way!

Let’s chatWhat do you have going on this weekend? Who else is ready for another holiday from work/school??